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New Entry in Limassol’s Nightlife: AZUL by Kesh

AZUL - A World of Experiences Unfolds in the Heart of the City

AZUL by Kesh is set to redefine Limassol's nightlife. Inspired by the deep blue of the Mediterranean and the enchanting atmosphere of Moroccan culture, AZUL by Kesh opens its doors as a new terrace bar and music venue.

Food & Drinks

In this enchanting space, vibrant colors meet aromatic flavors from the Middle East. Its terrace, located in the city center within the historic building of AGORA Limassol, invites you to unforgettable moments. Here, you'll find savory Middle Eastern cuisine and unique cocktails infused with scents from ancient civilizations, such as rosemary, cinnamon, and turmeric.


What sets AZUL by Kesh apart is its music. It offers a carefully curated lineup of DJs, overseen by Kesh Club, creating an atmosphere of soft electronic melodies inspired by ethnic rhythms from around the world. AZUL by Kesh is more than just a music venue; it's an electronic music journey into the essence of Moroccan culture.

Opening Times:

Monday-Tuesday: Closed Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday: 18:00-01:00 Friday and Saturday: 18:00-02:00

Contact Details:

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram Phone: 99125512 Email:

ΑZUL by Kesh promises a new experience in Limassol's nightlife, a combined offering with even more colors, scents, and music to elevate your entertainment.

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