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Interview with PAPARAZZI. Check the amazing mural he created for Azul By Kesh.

We’ve teamed up with the island’s renowned graffiti artist Paparazzi to weave to enchanting story of Morocco across our walls.

Achilleas Michaelides, also known as Paparazzi, is based in Larnaka and his inspiring art as a painter, graffiti artist, muralist, and street artist can be spotted all over Cyprus. Chances are, you've come across his captivating work at least once.

Can you share the inspiration behind the captivating mural you created at Azul By Kesh?

Absolutely, I wanted to transport people through the enchanting landscapes of Morocco. Ethnic elements and traditional stories capturing the vibrant colours that resonate with our love for music and African culture. The mural unfolds a mystical scenery featuring a caravan with tribes, music sounds from traditional instruments, the presence of a woman, a secret, a whisper.

We're curious about the process! How long did it take you to bring your vision to life on Azul's walls?

Bringing the vision to life on Azul's walls was a collaborative effort that took three days, with invaluable support from my dear friend and fellow artist, PEST. Having shared a friendship with Yiannis for over 20 years, our synergy has reached a point where words are no longer necessary in our creative process.

Keep reading to see the story behind his name.

Your mural tells a unique story. What do you hope people take away or feel when they experience it at Azul?

The mural I created takes you on a short journey to Marrakesh, offering an interactive and Instagramable experience. My hope is that people not only witness the art but actively engage with it, capturing moments through photographs and keep them like a memory from a Trip to Morocco.

Your artistic identity is fascinating! Could you share the story or significance behind your chosen name?

Absolutely, the origin of my artistic name 'Paparazzi' takes me back to my high school days in Thessaloniki. It all began with the song 'Paparazzi' by Xzibit, which a friend introduced me to. Not knowing English at the time, I could only sing the chorus and the part saying 'Paparazzi.' A friend from my basketball team caught onto this and started calling me 'Paparazzi,' a name that quickly stuck. As I delved into street art and graffiti later on, I considered a few names for my artistic identity. However, my friend Iakovos Bolkov suggested sticking with 'Paparazzi' since it was already widely recognized. Initially, the idea seemed a bit ambitious given its length and potential visibility, but in the world of street art, why not? Since then, 'Paparazzi' has become synonymous with my artistic journey, embraced by everyone who knows me in the vibrant realm of street art.

Check Paparazzi art on IG @paparazziartstudio

Visit Azul By Kesh and check out his amazing mural.

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