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Loyalty Card

Loyalty Card

Dear holders,

We could like to welcome you to the Limassol AGORA Loyalty Card programme that was created for the Limassol AGORA associates and clients.

The holder of this card is entitled to special discount rates in the restaurants, cafes, bars and shops of Limassol AGORA.

In addition, the holder is also entitled to beneficial discounts for birthday Party Event and Kids Birthday Party.

Best Regards,
Limassol AGORA


HAO 10%
Tylixto 10%
Mo pizza 10%
Natomaki 10%
Mint to Be 10%
Pro Hot Dog 10%
Asma 10%
Roll & Boil 10%
BeerGuru 20%
La Croissanterie 20%
AZUL by Kesh 20%

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