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Popsom Limassol AGORA

Popsom redefined the gelato experience with its all-natural handcrafted gelato and sorbet sticks. People from around the world line up to co-create the taste they crave in a fully customized experience. There are over 40 flavors, delicious Belgian chocolate dippings, and premium toppings for that extra crunch. It’s fun, it’s tasty and it’s an absolute guilt-free pleasure, with pops starting at just 80 calories.

There’s more: WafflePop, Hot Chocolate sticks, all natural smoothies. In short, Popsom has something to make everyone smile, even your dog can enjoy a pop made just for them! 

BEWARE: The taste is addictive and will keep you coming back for more!

Popsom Limassol AGORA


Tel: 700 700 70


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