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Chinese food has been on the block for decades, so it needs no further introduction - right? Wrong. There is Chinese food and there is Chinese food. Gone are the days of soggy noodles topped with greasy pork lard and garnished with some out-of-the-box soy sauce. Nouveau Chinese street food is based on premium Jasmin rice or noodles cooked au-point using authentic Chinese spices and locally sourced fresh ingredients to form the basis for an amalgamation of tastes second to none in its sauces. We want our food lovers to enjoy the mysterious richness of the Chinese kitchen where various shades of spiciness leave a lasting impression. Our dishes are created in a modular fashion so there is something alluring for every taste.
The parents of the Liu-sisters, Jessy and Yike, have come from China to Austria in the mid 1980’s and have been seen as pioneers of Chinese cuisine in Austria since then with the first running Shushi and Teppanyaki-style restaurant as well as making Chinese food home delivery customary. Since their early days the sisters have breathed the in’s and out’s of the restaurant business and started taking over a number of Asian restaurants in various Austrian cities already in their late teens. Nowadays they successfully own and run various high-quality Chinese, Japanese and Thai restaurants as well as a French style bistro-bar. 

HAO Limassol AGORA


Tel: 700 700 70


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