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Dive into the heart of Limassol's food scene with Pro Hot Dog, the latest sensation that's cooking up a storm! Behind this flavorful adventure is Nikos Gribas, a culinary visionary with a knack for transforming simple street food into an art form. Nikos, originally a mathematician from Trikala, Greece, has journeyed through the vibrant street food cultures of Russia, leaving his mark with popular spots like "Hot Spot," "Grill & Gyros," and the inventive "Sushi Prime." Limassol is now home to Nikos's newest creation, bringing the humble hot dog into the spotlight. Pro Hot Dog is not just another food joint; it's a place where creativity meets tradition in every bite. Imagine a place where the classic hot dog, a beloved favorite around the globe, is reimagined with a dash of passion and a sprinkle of innovation. At Pro Hot Dog, nestled cozily in our local agora, the menu is a dazzling display of 25 distinctive hot dogs, each telling its own tasty tale. But why settle for something off the menu when you can unleash your inner chef? Our build-your-own hot dog station is a playground of flavors, offering 5 types of buns, 8 varieties of sausages, 15 mouth-watering sauces, and 25 toppings to mix and match. The possibilities? Endless. We invite you to step into a world where each hot dog is a masterpiece, crafted with love and a flair for the extraordinary. Pro Hot Dog is more than just a meal; it's an experience, a place to make memories and savor the joy of good food made with care. So, why wait? Join the revolution of taste in Cyprus at Pro Hot Dog. Let's embark on a culinary journey together, one delicious hot dog at a time. Welcome to your new favorite spot, where every visit is an opportunity to craft your personal slice of culinary heaven. Come taste the difference, and let's celebrate the simple pleasures that make life truly flavorful.

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Tel: 700 700 70


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