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Meet Veronika. The artist who transformed our Fun+Games Zone into a large painting.

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

We recently opened Fun+Games - a new section of entertainment in Limassol AOGRA dedicated for fun and laughter. Our goal was to bring a fun-fuelled experience for everyone.

For this reason we wanted to design the space in the best possible way and this is when we first met Veronika.

Veronika Dubnytska is an artist from Ukraine that recently moved to Limassol. Her passion, creativity, and expertise was what made us want to work with her. .

One of my areas of expertise is wall painting. For more than 12 years I have been transforming clients' walls.

I came to Limassol 10 months ago. I'm happy to continue doing what I love here. It keeps me going, inspires me to do new things and makes me feel in my right place.

Our vision was to bring artistic value to Limassol AGORA and give our younger visitors the vibe they are looking for.

Agora is a place with history. A place with a soul, I would say. It's a good place for everyone. You can find both solitude and a good time with your family here. So, uh, I'm glad we got together.

Veronika gathered together all the famous cartoons children love, like Minions, and decorated the Fun+Games Kids Zone with her colourful paintings.

My paintings reflect me, I don't classify my art to any particular style. I simply express myself through it. My inspiration is everywhere. Nature, animals, people around me. The simplest things are all around us, you just have to open your eyes.

We are very happy we worked with Veronika. She transformed the Fun+Games Kids Zone into a large painting of colourful illustrations and famous cartoons. We hope our younger audience love the new identity of the place as much as we do!

Check Veronika’s Art on Social Media @dubnytskaya_art

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