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Fast, fresh, and flavoursome, Tacos Amor offers a range of mouth-watering tacos and Mexican inspired dishes. The perfect meal on-the-go which is not only delicious but also affordable. Offering 100% gluten-free corn tacos is our number 1 rule. There are no shortcuts here- our painfully slow cooked meats are made from scratch and marinated with our very own homemade recipes. Equally scrumptious and crammed full of flavour, the introduction of our fish, vegetarian and vegan alternatives will not disappoint. Carnivores beware- you might be converted!

Our Chef and partner Evros recently moved to Cyprus after working in some of London’s finest restaurants for over 10 years. With his experience in Michelin star kitchens including Le Gavroche, Pollen Street Social and Nobu, combined with his genuine love of street food, he is here to take you on a unique and colourful culinary journey. Frankly, a faultless combination!

People are an integral part of everything we do, and the reason why we came together to create this concept. Meet our friends and partners: Evros and Panayiotis. They are both proper foodies- very often eating out- and always on the hunt for the next best gastronomic discovery in their city. Having been devoted fans of London’s taco scene for many years, their decision was unanimous- a proper Taqueria should exist in Cyprus. What started as a funny conversation a few years back, and with the arrival of Limassol Agora, it was a no brainer that they should be part of this project. Tacos Amor was starting to come to life, and the rest is history. Evros is the culinary connoisseur, while Pan completes the equation as the business and finance expert. The two of them make a questionable combination in life, but thankfully, a great one in business.

Paying close attention to the quality of our ingredients, we have created a range of balanced and delicious taco dishes with generous fillings, sauces and garnishes. Some even consider tacos to be the perfect food, both nutritionally and taste-wise. Think about it: a protein base, shredded vegetables, pickles and other aromatic condiments, topped with a dash of lime juice, all wrapped up in a gluten free tortilla. We have created and adjusted our recipes to give you the perfect bite: hot and cold, sweet and sour, crunchy and soft, with just the right amount of spiciness and seasoning.

Just visit our counter, pull up a stool and choose your taco type- vegetarian, vegan, fish or meat. Our menu was designed with the customer in mind. Simple and concise, but simultaneously offering mix & match style combinations. All our menu options work well together, so you will keep coming back for more!

The concept of street food is taking the world by storm. It has been deemed to be the food of the future as it is fast, affordable, and tasty. The Tacos Amor team can produce restaurant quality food, beautifully presented yet without the expensive overheads. This way we can truly focus on sourcing quality ingredients while keeping our prices low.

Upon hearing about the planned renovation of our city’s historic Municipal market, we jumped at the opportunity to be part of it. And as we approached the organisers of Agora, we realised that our core values aligned. Supporting young, up and coming businesses, while breathing new life to one of Limassol’s most iconic landmarks. Creating a social hub and promoting creativity and diversity for the community and beyond.

A taco would not go down well without the addition of a nice cold beer or a refreshing Mexican soft drink. We also offer a Horchata which is considered in Mexico as an aqua fresca literally meaning “fresh water”. It is a traditional rice based, non-alcoholic beverage flavoured with cinnamon and served over ice. Dairy-free, creamy, tasty and refreshing- what’s not to love?