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We celebrate St. Patricks Day with lots of beer!

Updated: Mar 15

After completing the first BeerGuru Craft Beer Fest with great success we are back with the second one on March 17th and we are celebrating St. Patrick's Day with plenty of beer.

Friday, March 17th, from 19:00 till late get ready to explore and discover more than 50 different craft beers from all over the world.

Rabbit Hop Bar as well as breweries from Cyprus and Greece: Humor, Radical Way, Octopus, Brew Inc,Septem and Goleb brewery, will take us on a journey of taste and experience around their craft beer.

Read more to find out what differentiates a 'craft' from a normal beer.

Lately, the word "craft" has been all around! But what is it that gives a beer the 'title' craft?

We asked Marios, an expert in the field, and he shared with us the secret… lot's of love.

Why love? Because craft beers are brewed by hand and it takes a lot of study, care and time from the brewer.

Craft beer is therefore a product that it is brewed in much smaller quantities and it is by no means mass-produced. The process is quite complicated as craft brewers need to study and develop recipes, choose ingredients very carefully and combine them appropriately. This dynamic proceedure gives the brewer the advantage of having more control over the manufacturing process and experiment with different ingredients. The brewer therefore can

create innovative recipes and offer the consumer a unique product. Join us!

BeerGuru's 2nd Craft Beer Fest - St. Patrick's Day Friday March 17 - more than 50 different craft beers to taste!

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