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BeerGuru's 1st Craft Beer Tasting + Fest. Which breweries are coming and what to expect.

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Introducing the breweries that are joining us this Saturday 03/12 at the Craft Beer Tasting + Fest that is happening at BeerGuru, Limassol AGORA. You will have the opportunity to taste and drink more than 40 craft beers.

Check the breweries below:

Rabbit Hop

Rabbit Hop is a craft beer bar / tap room located downtown Nicosia next to Moondog's bar & grill. It’s well known for its great selection of craft beer and events for beer lovers. Rabbit Hop will bring a great selection of craft beers for you to explore.

Octo Micro Brewery

Octo Microbrewery is an innovative international brewery from Ayia Napa. They have been brewing beer since 2012 aiming to raise the level of beer culture of the island. They develop unique beer recipes that will put Cyprus on the beer map of the world. They adapted standard beer varieties (such a Lager, Weisse, IPA and dark lager) for the Cypriot climate. They also restored the Cypriot Bronzer Age beer recipe with figs and mountain herbs. They receive a gold medal at the International Craft Beer Awards for their unique Cyprus Grape Ale with Xynisteri grape juice from Tsiakkas winery. At the BeerGuru’s festival they hope to surprise and please you with their novelties, as they created them to make time spent with friends more enjoyable and rewarding.

Humor Brewery

A project started back in 2015 where a group of friends decided to get more serious in developing their recipes for craft beers. After endless hours of experimentations in their small brewery and a lot of love they released their first two beers in 2017. Just two years after their 5 different beers: IPA, WEISS, PILSNER, PALE ALE, STOUT are available on tap on tens of Cyprus bars/pubs/restaurants. At the festival you will be able to explore all their 5 different beers.

Radical Way Brewers

Radical Way Brewing is a nomadic brewery from Cyprus established in 2019 by a close group of friends. Beer is their means of expression: by fusing art and science, they bring together their unique experiences, tastes and inspirations. Just like their music, they like their beers strong but unique and radically challenging the status quo. Come say hi and try their beers, 6 of their latest creations will be waiting for you!

For more information about the event please click here

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