ALMA Charity Event

«νερό και χΡώμα» (nero ke xroma) founded by the artists Erato and Andri, has created ceramic hearts which were made available for sale in special boxes which additionally included all materials such as paints, special small decorations and brushes. The box has been sold at the price of € 5 to various Kindergartens, giving the opportunity to children to create their own personal and unique ceramic heart which in turn would decorate the big Christmas Tree set up in Limassol AGORA. All net profits from this initiative would go to the association “ALMA” aiming to support the Early Childhood Intervention program of “Theotokos” Foundation.

The sales of the Ceramic Hearts commenced in October 2020 and the ceremony of the decoration along with the lighting of the Christmas tree, took place by following all necessary health and safety measures against Covid-19 on the 5th of December 2020, in Limassol AGORA, under the auspices of Limassol Mayor Mr. Nikos Nicolaides.

The box has been sold to ten kindergartens and to Intership Navigation. The boxes have been also given to the ALMA children to be decorated. Eventually 600 boxes have been sold!

To this effort a lot of famous TV presenters, actors and singers have contributed by decorating their own ceramic hearts and were present to the ceremony.

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