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Bringing Cyprus History Back to Life At the Limassol Agora Project

After a century, Limassol Agora opens anew its doors, revitalizing the sweet memories of Limassol culture and tradition being perfectly combined with contemporary gastronomy, entertainment and the provision of goods and services.

The Limassol’s square, which hosts the traditional old market ”Pantopolio” is being reborn from the emotions, knowledge and experiences of our people.  A place that combines some of our best childhood memories, feelings, customs and traditions, now with a new contemporary design lifestyle, in the same unique historical place.

Limassol Agora will be launched in early 2020 and will constitute the ideal destination for dining, shopping, recreation and entertainment.  The ultimate experience to meet the needs of every visitor from Cyprus or abroad is in the heart of Limassol and is looking forward to welcoming you!






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History in the making

1915 – 1918

Limassol’s Municipal Market is built by Greek prominent architect, Zacharias Vondas.

April 14, 1918

The market opens its gate with 70 outlets, 8 outbuildings and a coffee shop at the square.


Agora has become the permanent place for fishermen and farmers to display and sell their goods.

1920 – 1930

Buyers would frequently visit the Agora to buy meat, fish, fruits and vegetables for retail and household use.


Expansion to include housing begins.


Expansion is completed leaving Agora in its current form.


As a wave of modernity takes over the city and a period of decline begins for the Municipal Market.

1990s to early 2000s

As the old town evolves and the city expands, the Limassol Municipal market dwarfs into a small fish and meat market.


The Municipality gives the green light for the renovation of the city’s historic landmark.


The Prosperity Group is appointed to deliver this project based on its renowned history in renovations.


Agora is hailed to become the city’s one true market and community centre when it officially opens its doors.


Agora has become become the city’s one true market and community centre when it officially opened its doors on August 31 of 2020.